Tutorial : Organizational Forms Library - Series # 1

What are the various types of Outlook form libraries available?

There are three types of Outlook form libraries are available, they are (i) Organizational Forms Libraries (2) Personal Form Libraries (3) Folder Libraries.

What is an Organizational Forms Library?

  • An organization's forms library is a repository for forms (templates that help users to enter and view information)  that are accessed by all users in a company.
  • In simple terms, an organizational forms library is a special type of public folder that is listed only with system folders.

Some of the examples are, a standard supply request form can be stored in an organizational forms library or a form used to report vacation time etc.

Why to use Organizational Forms Library?

If we publish the forms at Organizational forms library it will used throughout the enterprise-wide . Org. forms library acts as the centralized library or repository. Saving to this library provides a quick and easy way to distribute and update forms.

How to use the forms enterprise-wise or throughout the organization?

  • You must publish a form to this library if you want to make the form available to everyone in your organization.
  • You can publish a form to the Organizational Forms Library when you want to use the same custom form in more than one folder.
  • This library is frequently used for e-mail message forms because they are typically not based on a specific folder.
  • When you publish a form, you can maintain only a single published form.
  • Everyone in the organization can access the forms that are published to this library as long as the administrator grants the users permissions to the library.

Where these libraries stored in Exchange?

Exchange stores these libraries in the EFORMS REGISTRY system folder.

Note: In Exchange Server 2003, you can only create organizational forms libraries in the system folders subtree of the Public Folders tree. Even if you have created new public folder hierarchies to work with the organizational forms libraries, only the Public Folders tree supports the EFORMS REGISTRY system folder.

What are the permissions required to view or use this?

Org. forms library is stored on the Microsoft Exchange Server-based computer. The administrator must give you permissions to publish to the Organizational Forms Library. This permission is typically given to only some individuals or a department that manages the Exchange server-based computer

Note: You can't publish forms to the Organizational Forms library unless the systems administrator grants you permission.

Multi-languages support for Organizational Forms Library?

  • Organizational Forms libraries provides supports for multi-languages.
  • When you create an organizational forms library, you assign a language to it. You can have only one organizational forms library for each language.
  • When you use the Forms Administrator to create Organizational Forms Libraries, you must consider the different languages that clients use to access those libraries.