Verify performance/stability with Exchange Server Jetstress 2010?

You can use Jetstress 2010 to verify the performance and stability of a disk subsystem prior to putting a Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, 2007 and 2010 server into production. Jetstress helps verify disk performance by simulating Exchange disk Input/Output (I/O) load. Specifically, Jetstress simulates the Exchange database and log file loads produced by a specific number of users.


There are two basic kinds of testing you can do with JetStress:

  • Performance Testing
  • Disk Subsystem Stability Testing

You use Performance Monitor, Event Viewer, and ESEUTIL in conjunction with Jetstress to verify that your disk subsystem meets or exceeds the performance criteria you establish. After a successful completion of the Jetstress Disk Performance and Stress Tests in a non-production environment, you will have ensured that your Exchange disk subsystem is adequately sized (in terms of performance criteria you establish) for the user count and user profiles you have established.

Using JetStress 2010 you can simulate disk I/O load on a test server running Exchange to verify the performance and stability of your disk subsystem before putting your server into a production environment.

You can use this Utility to verify for Microsoft Exchange Server versions 2003, 2007 and 2010. It is highly recommended that the Jetstress user read through the tool documentation before using the tool.

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