Featured partner of the week - Bauman Moscow State Technical University

What a delight it was working with BMSTU on the localization of our Russian MSDN Visual Studio 2012 content! One of the main highlights was without a doubt Professor Vsevolod Krishchenko’s great communication throughout the project. 
He made sure the students received all of the information they needed to do their work, diligently kept us up to date on the project status, and promptly informed us about any potential problems that arose. This not only helped ensure BMSTU was able to delivery quality work on time, but also allowed us to share the information he gave us with our other partners.

When asked to comment, Professor Krishchenko had the following to say, “ We're from BMSTU Software and IT department (http://iu7.bmstu.ru). Our department offers graduate and postgraduate programs in software engineering and our alumni work for biggest software vendors and IT companies as well as small startups. This our fourth translation project for Microsoft and it is always a pleasure to work with Microsoft team .”

In addition to Professor Krishchenko, we’d like to thank the following students who worked so diligently to post edit 566,480 total words!

  • Daniil Ageev
  • Bogdan Shushvar
  • Denis Sorokin
  • Tatiana Dikopalova
  • Ekaterina Androsova
  • Alexey Maksimov
  • Tatiana Krapchatova
  • Kristina Balykina
  • Igor Minix
  • Mikhail Gordeev - Microsoft Student Partner


Check back soon for the next in our series of university stories!