Featured partner of the week - Technical University of Madrid


Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

This university partnership was a bit different from any other university projects, in that just a few students from Technical University of Madrid (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, UPM) were reviewing work performed by a South  American  university on the Spanish MSDN Visual Studio 2012 content. The UPM holds double recognition as a Campus of International Excellence, a distinction that refers to the quality of its research and teaching activity. The Computer Science School, (Facultad de Informática) was created in 1976 and is a national and international beacon for the informatics industry, commerce and other teaching institutions. The staff participates in many national and international research projects.

Prof. Guadalupe Aguado de Cea shared the following about her experiences on the project:

Working with Microsoft was a very interesting experience for me for several reasons. First, we had to make our students aware of the importance of their own language, Spanish, in specialized texts. This was particularly relevant as the texts came from Microsoft. As they are used to reading English texts, it was a challenge to show that a giant like Microsoft wanted well-written Spanish texts. Secondly, they had to work against the clock and they had to share their editing experiences. Thirdly, for our students it was very enlightening to see from the inside how a document is translated and post edited. I would like to thank my colleague Prof. Rosario Plaza for her collaboration and the students that participated in the project.”

Each of the following students also had a few words to say:

It was an incredible and unique experience to get to know how the translation process works at one of the biggest IT companies. I am very grateful for having been able to collaborate on this project.”

~Roberto Costumero

 “I am very fortunate for having had the opportunity to work in the Spanish MSDN Translation Wiki Project. It has been a challenging experience, as all of our translations were going to be used by Visual Studio users in the Spanish-speaking countries. All the members of my group and I did all the best we could to end up with translations we are very proud of. We hope that all the Visual Studio users find our work useful.”

~Juan Gabriel Martinez Peris

 "Working on this project with Microsoft has meant a great improvement in my teamwork skills along with an increase in my knowledge of how corporate software is done. In order to progress successfully, we had to work side by side with each member of the team; otherwise we would have had to rebuild all of our work. Moreover, the communication in the group was very good and we did not have any problem in making comments about what should be improved in our translations. All in all, it has been a really beneficial and rewarding experience, which has motivated me to work in similar environments; that is why I have to thank Microsoft for this opportunity they afforded us"

~Enrique Nicolás Sanz

 We’d also like to heartily thank Pau Arlandis and everyone already mentioned above, for their contributions!