Featured partner of the week - VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava

Featured Partner of the Week - MSDN Translation Wiki

It was clear from the start that working with VŠB-Technical University on the localization of our Czech MSDN Visual Studio 2012 content would be smooth sailing. The professor and students were diligent in their work, and clearly knowledgeable of the necessary tools and processes. They skillfully navigated any obstacles, and contributed to the project’s overall success by providing information we were able to pass on to the other languages.

Professor Jan Martinovič had this to say:

VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava is the fourth largest university in Czech Republic with over 22,000 students and it has more than 160 years of existence. It provides bachelors, masters and doctoral studies at seven faculties. VŠB-TUO itself carries out or participates in many important projects in research and development. It also cooperates with many domestic and foreign universities, the private sector and also with the Microsoft Corporation. The university participated on several translations of Microsoft developer tools and hosted many of Microsoft developer conferences. The university believes the both sides of mutual contracts were always satisfied with the products of common effort.”

 We would like to sincerely thank Professor Martinovič and the following students for their great work on this project:


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