“What does the MVP say?” – Introducing Alexandre Augagneur

As the next feature in our MVP interview series, we present Alexandre Augagneur!

Alexandre Augagneur, French MVP, MSDN Translation Wiki moderator

Alexandre began participating in our MSDN Translation Wiki community early last year. He has a great attitude, as you can see in his following responses to our prodding questions:

Please tell us a bit about yourself. What is your background?

“My name is Alexandre Augagneur. I’m French, IT consultant since 10 years and Microsoft specialist for almost 5 years now. I own the website www.alexwinner.com. This year, I have had the pleasure to receive the title of Microsoft MVP for the third time in a row.”

Why did you decide to become a moderator for French and spend your free time on this activity?  

“Well, I think that my relation with Microsoft is a win-win. I give some of my time and they give some of their time. I have the feeling to be involved in Microsoft's decisions and/or progress…And I make things easier for their customers and therefore for my customers too.”

Can you explain what you find most rewarding/interesting about this experience?

I can’t complain anymore about bad translations …Because now I’m involved. J

I’m participating to make things easier for users as I already do with my website, and I feel nearer to the MS community.”

You can learn more about Alexandre via the following links:

Alexandre, we are impressed with how you’ve directed your passion for excellence towards being part of the solution. On behalf of both us and the French speaking MSDN community, the Windows Content Development team would like to heartily thank you!