“What does the MVP say?” – Introducing Michal Gajda

As the next feature in our MVP interview series, today we are delighted to bring you Michal Gajda! If you’ve been following this series, you’re already familiar with the questions we’ve been asking our MVPs, so we’ll cut to the chase and let you see what he shared with us:

MSDN Translation Wiki, Top Moderator, Polish, MVP

Please tell us a bit about yourself. What is your background?

“I can say that I'm an IT enthusiast since I was born :)

My adventure in the IT and computer world begun when I was about 10, at the time I got my first computer – an Atari 65XE. Nowadays I work as a sysadmin. I'm interested in Microsoft technologies, especially Windows Server, SQL Server and Exchange. I manage those solutions using the Windows PowerShell console, for me is quite funny to combine administrative skills with scripting language.“

When did you start participating into MSDN Translation Wiki?

"My active adventure with MSDN Translation Wiki started at the beginning of last year, mainly as a Translator and then as a Moderator for Polish community. However, before that, I occasionally sent some translations to MSDN resources."

Why did you decide to become a moderator for Polish and spend your free time on this activity?

“I've decided to become a moderator for the Polish community because I often use MSDN resources, and my idea was to improve the content of those resources.“

Can you explain what you find most rewarding/interesting about this experience?

“For me the most rewarding thing is that I can help other people with similar passions.“

Thank you, Michal, for sharing your experience, dedication, and expertise with the Polish speaking MSDN community!

You can learn more about Michal via the following links:

Another MVP interview is right around the corner, so check back soon!