Getting Started With Your First Indie Game

This post is part of our #idevthisseries where we focus on bringing developers together around the desire to create. Share your latest creation with the community using the the #idevthis hashtag on Twitter.

People spend more money on game apps than any other category. In fact, in 2012 over 57% of all paid downloads were games (and that number is only growing). That creates a great opportunity for anyone that has even the most basic coding skills thanks to a bevy of tools, resources, and people that make jumping into the game dev space easier than ever.

Join Our #GameDevChat!

As a lead up to a great MVA Jumpstart Webinar on 9/25 all about developing games in Construct 2, we decided to hold a #gamedevchat on Twitter to give developers a chance to get to know the speakers, share advice, and answer questions about getting started in beginner game development overall.

When: 9/22, (9:30 AM PST)

Where: #GameDevChat

What: Advice & Insights for Beginner Game Devs

Connect With Our Featured Guests


James Quick (@jquickwit), Shahed Chowdhuri (@shahedC), and Diego Lizarazo (@hielo777) are all experienced game devs and Technical Evangelists that will be at your service. Feel free to check out their latest projects on their blogs or connect with them on Twitter before and after the chat.

Ground Rules

If this will be your first Twitter chat, here’s a few guidelines that will ensure your voice doesn’t get lost in the excitement:

  1. Include the #GameDevChat hashtag in everything you tweet (including questions and responses directly to other participants or the featured guests). Every question or insight that you want to contribute makes the conversation richer so fire away!
  2. Re-tweet the good stuff! The more you get the word out, the more people that will join. The more that join, the better the conversation.
  3. Continue the conversation with one another and all of our featured guests before, during, or after the chat.

After the Chat

You can catch the featured guests again live on 9/25 in their Construct 2 MVA Jumpstart Webinar. Register for the event and stay in touch with the speakers for ongoing support of your first (or next) great game.

While you build your app, let us know about it! Share screenshots of your app in progress or even share a short demo and tweet it out to the #idevthis hashtag. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up as our next featured guest!