StartupLife Series Update: "Let the Money Roll In" and "In Case of Funding"

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This week we shared out episodes 5 & 6 of our #StartupLife series. Everyone's startup journey is unique but they all tend to have one thing in common, the need for funding! Remember the time you thought crowd funding would solve all your problems or when you finally got enough money to start a new project? Hopefully these clips will help you reminisce fondly.

Episode 5: "Let the Money Roll In"


You probably felt like a rock star when you convinced everyone that crowd funding was the answer to all of your problems. You may have even felt like a superhero when you got your first dollar. Hopefully that wasn't the only dollar.

Episode 2: "In Case of Funding"


Do you already have your victory dance planned and choreographed? You've more than likely dreamt about it many times. When the glorious day of funding does arrive, take time to celebrate, but remember that's when the real work begins.

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