Accessing the New Partner Forum using an external client

David Meego - Click for blog homepageBack in April this year when the New Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner Forum was created, one bit of feedback that I heard from a number of regular users of the old Partner and Certified Partner newsgroups was that they were not happy about losing the ability to use a newsgroup/mail client of their choice and having to use the web interface.

Well, the team responsible for the technology behind the Microsoft Forums have been working hard to rectify the situation and have just released a beta utility which can be used with a number of different client applications. Below are some of the details:

Microsoft’s Server & Tools Online (STO) team is happy to announce the availability of the Microsoft Forums NNTP Bridge Client August Beta which provides NNTP-based newsreader read/write access to Microsoft-hosted forums. STO has been working hard to bring this tool to reality for our MVPs and the broader community.  

If you are interested in trying out this beta tool, have a look at the Forums NNTP Bridge Client FAQ page, then you can download the utility from the downloads section from the Online Forums Connection page on Microsoft Connect.  Please provide feedback using the Microsoft Connect Feedback site.

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