Any Font in the Dexterity Script Editor

Patrick Roth

Aren't secrets fun?  And while having a secret is fun in and of itself, it is also fun to share them from time to time (and allowed to share them).

The secret today is an undocumented feature that I believe was added to 10.0 SP2.  As an undocumented feature, this means:

  • It might not work for you
  • It might cause "issues"
  • Don't ask support about it if it causes "issues"
  • Might not work in the future

That said:

  • I can't see why it wouldn't work
  • I don't see what issues it would cause and is completely reversible

In the Dexterity Options window under the sanScript tab, there are currently 4 choices for fonts.  Courier, Helvetica, Times, System.


The font setting is hooked to the Dex.ini switch - ScriptEditorFontName.


The "secret" is; if you enter your own font name here Dexterity will use that font in the Dexterity Script Editor (or Script Debugger) window.


There is also an undocumented (as far as I can find) Dex.ini switch to change the style of the font - ScriptEditorFontStyle.  This switch allows you to set the Bold, Underline, or Italic setting of the font as well.  You can use these settings either individually or multiple settings.


Below, I have modified my Dexterity Dex.ini to change the font from the default "Courier" to "Verdana" by changing the ScriptEditorFontName setting.  I then also made the font style to be Bold, Italic, and Underline by adding the ScriptEditorFontStyle setting. 


Dex.ini Example


I'm pretty sure that this is NOT the combination I'd pick to work with but you can clearly see in the screenshot that it does work.

Screenshot of my Dexterity Script Editor window using the above settings

Dexterity Script Editor with Font Change

One important thing to note.  While the Script Editor window will respect the settings for the ScriptEditorFontName and use that font, the Dexterity Options window DOES NOT know about the change.  If it finds a font in the Dex.ini it doesn't know about, it will switch your Dex.ini to use the default Courier font.  So if you need to go into the Options window you'll probably have to change your Dex.ini again to reflect the font you'd like to use.  This is the price of using this particular undocumented feature.