Keeping Word Templates in synch with Report Writer

Dave Dusek - Click for blog homepageIf you are working with a specific report in report writer, and you are also using a word template to print the report, one thing that you have to keep in mind is that the report writer fields have to be in synch with the content controls on the word template.  If they are not in synch what happens is that nothing will print in the content control on the word template, not even XX's.  So you need to go through a process to get the report writer report synched up with the word template.  Here is that process. 

  1. Run the report writer report to XML data.  You do this by just printing the report, in the report destination, choose standard report, then choose file.  Select XML for the output type. 
  2. Go to Reports>Template Maintenance and select your report.  Highlight the template you are using and click Modify. 
  3. In Word, click the developer tab.  Click the Field List.  Select the XML resource.  Click Remove Source. 
  4. Click Add source and select the new xml report in step 1. 
  5. Then remove content control and delete the field on the word template.
  6. Drag the field out onto the report from the proper section. 
  7. Save the template. 
  8. Back in Reports>Template Maintenance, highlight the template and click the Green plus to import the template saved in step 7.

You always want to follow these steps to make sure your report writer report is synched up with the word template if you are seeing any weirdness with fields not printing.