Revisiting: "Welcome to Dynamics"

David Meego - Click for blog homepageThis post has me revisiting a post from the past with an update.

While working on a performance case recently, I was analysing a Process Monitor log and noticed something interesting.  In the log there was an attempt to reference a GPSSystemStart.wav file in the \Windows folder with the result failing with NOT_FOUND.  I decided to investigate further....

So, I copied a wave file into the Windows folder and renamed it to GPSSystemStart.wav.  Then I launched Dynamics GP and .... the sound file played as the application launched.

If you have been in the GP world for a while, you will remember the "Welcome to Dynamics" sound file that played when Dynamics was launched. Well, last year I posted a method to use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to play the sound file during login (see link below).

VBA - Welcome to Dynamics Example

Well now, you can easily achieve the same results without needing any VBA coding. All you need to do is copy a wave file renamed as GPSSystemStart.wav to the appropriate folder. 

  • If you copy it to the \Windows folder, it will be played for all Dynamics GP and Dexterity installations on the workstation. 
  • If you copy it to a specific Dynamics GP or Dexterity folder, it will only be played when that instance is launched.

Please see the GP Logos through the years posting for more information on the Welcome wave sound file.

The "Welcome to Dynamics" wave file renamed as GPSSystemStart.wav is attached to the bottom of this article.