Welcome to Microsoft Dynamics Community 2.0

David Meego - Click for blog homepageThe team responsible for the Microsoft Dynamics Community site have been working hard for many months on a comprehensive update to the site which adds many features as well as making it more visually pleasing.  I had seen a few previews of the new bits along the way, but I am thrilled to announce that the new site is finally live.

The post below gives the highlights of what has changed and is reproduced here with permission... because it is worth shouting it out.

With the release of Community 2.0 we continue to grow and evolve from what was originally a networking site for finance professionals into what is a 40,000 member+ Microsoft Dynamics Community.  The Community has quickly become a one-stop portal and an important resource for Dynamics users to network, prospect, learn, share information and research products. All of the new features in 2.0 are a direct result of user feedback via usability studies, surveys, requests and direct feedback collected since the launch of the original Community site back in 2007. The new features are designed to make the site easier for you to network with the community, find solutions or learn and share best practices, chat with a Microsoft representative or MVP, hear from Microsoft Executives, read about the latest product and industry news, watch a product demonstration and meet others who use, sell and/or have an interest in a Microsoft Dynamics solution.

Community 2.0 features we are particularly excited to highlight include:

Communication Tools: Improve Speed and Discoverability in order for product questions to be asked and answered quickly by existing customer and prospects

  • The new Ask the Community functionality allows users to quickly search product forums using keywords to find answers to their product questions already being asked within the Community, or join an ongoing discussion about a hot issue and quickly discover relative information
  • The new Ask the Community also delivers an enhanced forum experience for managed Customers ensuring an answer to their posted questions after 48 hours from either the Community or Microsoft Dynamics Support
  • A new chat button on the home page swiftly connects prospects who are interested in a Microsoft Dynamics solution with the Microsoft ISS Team

Premium Content: Enhanced learning through industry experts, product demonstrations and enhanced communities

  • Through the Connect gadget community content will be surfaced directly into the client of Microsoft Dynamics
  • Introducing Guest Columnists, who will provide the Community with opinions on recent product and industry trends within each product
  • Video Learning: embedded product demos, tips & tricks, interviews, and event recaps allow for effortless learning from the Microsoft and the Community
  • The User Group Community is a new venue, which provides registered User Group members with access to member-only news and resources (authentication required)
  • The Partner Community is an exclusive community, which connects Microsoft partners and allows them to interact and share knowledge with one another privately (authentication required)

Networking Tools: Connecting People via Rich networking capabilities

  • The Community’s Networking feature makes it easy to find other professionals in a role or industry, connect with users of the same solution, find a partner, or promote an individual or an organization’s expertise services (authentication required)

We invite you to share this improved experience with all 40,000+ members by creating a profile, joining the discussion, contributing content and continually increasing the value of the Microsoft Dynamics Community.

Microsoft Dynamics Community Team

Thanks to Nick Hoban, Andy Leapaldt, Shane Kvalevog, Jon Axtman and the rest of the community team.

Great job guys.