Amazon Web Services SDK for Windows Phone Beta

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Cats n dogs living together. Yes Virginia, we do make our stuff work with other platforms.

As a Windows Phone / Windows client type I've always cringed when esteemed Azure experts like Brian Hitney bring up the Azure SDKs for iOS and Android. Makes sense though. And often in the iOS and Android spaces, when I talk to folks about converting their apps to Windows Phone, they are using Amazon Web Services instead of Azure as a cloud based platform for their apps backends. So its with great interest I'd like to pass along to you our announcement of the beta of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) SDK for Windows Phone.

The AWS SDK makes the Amazon S3, SimpleDB, and SQS Cloud Services directly available to Windows Phone 7 Developers via C# APIs. The SDK is published as open source code under the Apache license. Using this API Windows Phone developers have the option to develop applications that connect and integrate with Amazon Cloud Services (S3, SimpleDB and SQS). Naturally I'd love for everyone to use Azure, but Microsoft wants folks to have choices when using its platforms.

Note this is a beta SDK. Please supply feedback about the kit and how it works. Some useful links below:

Outsid of the formal feedback, let me know if ya'll use the toolkit and how it goes. Love to find out how your projects are progressing.