Design and Technical Guidance for Windows 8 Developers

If you're working on Windows 8 apps, hopefully you've found the 30 days worth of Windows 8 lessons for developers at GenerationApp.

But once you've developed an app and are thinking about publishing it, what are some resources Microsoft provides to help you along? Well, we have some goodies over at that you might have overlooked (or, like me, just not found until they were pointed out).

Perhaps before you go too far you'd like to review your Design with an expert? People signed up for GenerationApp can take advantage of free design reviews.

Are you stuck technically? People signed up for GenerationApp can also sign up for a free technical assistance session via phone.

When your app is ready to go, lets run it through an Application Excellence Session. Again, you need to be signed up for GenerationApp to take advantage of the review. Passing the review will get you a token to submit to the Windows 8 App Store.