Outlook 2013 Text Turned Garbled and Jumbled and Washed Out and....

I swear ma, I didn't break it. There I was, happily using my Outlook 2013, doing my way too many hours of email each day, and it happened. It might have been after a Windows update, cause I swear I didn't change a thing, but one day it just happened.

I had been checking email for ten or so minutes, things start getting jumbled up. My menus partially disappear. I couldn't see my folders to navigate to them. I had to mouse over text, forcing the display area to refresh so I can read what was there. But I didn't change a thing to mess things up.  I swear.

So here's what I did to un-jumble my text, ma.

  • Open Outlook 2013
  • File Options
  • Advanced
  • Display
  • Check "Disable hardware graphics acceleration"
  • Restart your computer

I swear ma, I didn't break it in the first place. But for the others out there, I'm posting this in hopes that the SEO gods will catch it and save them some aggravating hours in their lives.

#keywords: garbled, jumbled, scrambled outlook 2013 hardware acceleration