Windows Phone 8 Development Internals Preview 1

Perhaps my favorite Windows Phone book ( after SAMS Windows Phone 7.5 Development in 24 Hours, of course ) was Andrew Whitechapel’s Windows Phone 7 Development Internals.  The book offered a great inside look at almost all the phone internals.  Andrew’s book turned into a referral / goto reference for items we weren’t able to get to in our SAMs book when I was coaching people on their WP75 development.

I’m happy to relay that the ebook preview of his book for Windows Phone 8 is available on the OReilly site.  If you purchase it right now, its $20.00.  By the time it finally publishes it will be a $60 book, but you’re getting in early and will be able to download the full book at the end.  Charles Petzold used this model recently for his Programming Windows Sixth Edition ( Windows 8 ) book. 

Save some money, buy the book early.  Current chapters include Vision and Architecture, App Model and Navigation, Data Binding and MVVM, Tiles and Notifications, Location and Maps, and Speech.  Enjoy…

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