WP7 Apps for the Holidays - Santa Watch and Jingle Balls

The holidays are much more fun since I've got 8 and 6 year old kids. I get to buy me, er I mean them, lots of cool stuff. So I've bought me a cool new HD7 Windows Phone. What kind of holiday things have I found to light up my phone? Here's two.

First up is Santa Watch ( zune url here ). Every day a new "naughty or nice" type message comes to from Santa. Keeps the younguns on their toes.  On Christmas Eve, a map will be displayed tracking Santa as he flies for your house.  Excitement is in the air every time I run it for the kiddies.  A bargain at $0.99.

Next up is Jingle Balls ( zune url here ), the successor to the best selling "got balls" application by Software Logistics (aka @bytemaster ). Rousing "deck the halls" music blasts you as you attempt to roll the balls into the tree to decorate it. Get presents for decorating! Hey, where's my achievements? Anyway, yet another $0.99 well spent. ( zune url here ).

Either one is guaranteed conversation starter, and a great way to keep some kids smiling. Support your local phone devs, buy some holiday apps!

Jingle Balls Santa Watch Santa Watch