Instant Karma - Windows Phone 7.5 Development: όλα όσα θα θέλατε να ξέρετε!

Εργαλεία για development

Windows Phone SDK 7.1

(προαιρετικά:) Visual Studio 2010 (δωρεάν για φοιτητές από


Εκπαιδευτικό υλικό

Windows Phone Development for absolute beginners

Windows Phone Jump Start

Windows Phone 7 samples

Δωρεάν e-books από το StudentGuru

Windows Phone Training kit



Video tutorials στα ελληνικά:



Εισαγωγή με video tutorials 

Κατασκευή ενός puzzle game σε Silverlight: 

The Big Dummies Guide for Windows Phone Developer Resources 

Microsoft Press e-book - Programming Windows Phone 7

Developer blog: 31 days of Windows Phone: 



(video) Windows Phone UI and Design Language

(video) The Tale of Two Apps: Making a Splash in the Windows Phone Marketplace

31 days of Windows Phone Metro Design

Design resources for Windows Phone:

Sketchflow for Windows Phone:

Σχετικά με τη σχεδίαση εφαρμογών για Windows Phone

Expression Blend tutorials

Metro style icons:

User experience design guidelines for Windows Phone:

Metro design language for Windows Phone 7

 Windows Phone Developing Tips & Tricks

Δωρεάν εικονίδια για τις εφαρμογές σας


Χρήσιμες βιβλιοθήκες

Silverlight toolkit for Windows Phone (κατεβάστε την έκδοση με την sample εφαρμογή, μπορείτε να κάνετε φανταστικά πράγματα με το toolkit)

Launchers and Choosers



Χρήσιμα blog posts

How to create an infinite scrollable list with LongListSelector

Listbox, Why Art Thou Blanking?

Respond to User Input

Optimize Startup Time

Optimizing Apps for Lower Cost Devices


Ιδέες για κατασκευή εφαρμογών

Application ideas

Creating a simple RSS reader και

Tower Defense starter kit

Windows Phone Starter Kit for Schools

Open source apps από το StudentGuru

Αν δημιουργήσετε μια εφαρμογή στα ελληνικά, δείτε οπωσδήποτε αυτό το blogpost

Οδηγίες για εγγραφή, ανέβασμα εφαρμογών και ρύθμιση πληρωμών για το WP Marketplace

Useful posts

Drag & Drop in Windows Phone

Dropbox with Windows Phone

HubTile in Windows Phone

Accessing isolated storage when testing WP7 projects

Application Bar for Windows Phone

Augmented Reality: Using GART

Auto-scrolling ListBox for Windows Phone

Basic Slider Control in Windows Phone 7

CartoonMe - Gestures on Windows Phone

Changing the Background and Foreground Colors of Application Bar on WP7

Checking network availability in Windows Phone

Checking the Internet connection type on Windows Phone

Collection of Value converters for Windows Phone apps

Create a random selection app for Windows Phone

Create simple overlay in windows phone

Creating a button with an image and text in Windows Phone

Creating a simple colour matching game in silverlight for Windows Phone

Creating and using a hosted server for backing up Windows Phone app data

Creating custom user control in Expression Blend for Windows Phone

Creating your own Windows Phone UI Controls using Microsoft Expression Blend

Custom splash screen with progress bar for Windows Phone applications

Detecting and handling multi-touch events in Windows Phone 7 applications

Enabling predictive text in a TextBox in WP7

Fetch device details in windows phone

File manipulation with IsolatedStorageFile on Windows Phone

How to capture screen programmatically in Windows Phone 7

How to control an animation in XML and in the code in your Windows Phone app

How to create a button with image for Windows Phone

How to create a Video/Audio/Image and Text based Quiz Game for Windows Phone

How to create simple Background Agent in Windows Phone

How to debug data binding problems on Windows Phone

How to detect camera availability in Windows Phone

How to detect the 'Theme Background' being used in WP7

How to embed and play a .wav file in Windows Phone 7 app

How to encrypt your application data in Windows Phone

How to parse JSON string

How to play a streamed mp3 on Windows Phone 7

How to use Facebook Graph API in Windows Phone

Launchers and Choosers for Windows Phone

Listbox handling in Windows Phone 7

Magnifying Video Brush in Windows Phone

Parse Local XML file in Windows Phone

Saving Microphone stream to wave format in Windows Phone

Sound pattern matching using Fast Fourier Transform in Windows Phone

Tilt Effect for Windows Phone

Tombstoning helper for Windows Phone 7

Using a Grid Helper image to Design WP Apps