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[MUST READ] What's new in Windows Phone 8 SDK


Windows Phone 8 Jump Start Training is here

Windows phone 8 15 new features: 

Nokia blog post for all windows phone 8 new features:'s_new_in_Windows_Phone_8

MSDN Documentation



Design Boot Camp:


Training Content

Absolute Beginners

Jump Start

Training Kit


Windows Phone Power Tools:

Toolkits and Libraries for Windows Phone

Integrate Facebook to Your Windows Phone Application

Twitter: OAuth 1.0 Authentication using Hammock

Microsoft Media Platform - Player Framework

Building High Performance Windows Phone Apps

Δημιουργήστε εικονίδια για τις εφαρμογές σας

Network Monitoring for Windows Phone Apps

Simulation Dashboard for Windows Phone Apps

Samples gia windows phone 7&8 :

lock screen background:

lock screen notifications:

(c++ direct3d sample):

Dynamic Lock Screen for Windows Phone 8

wallet tutorial:

new launchers in Windows Phone 8:

Dynamically executing mathematical formulas on Windows Phone 8 using Jace.NET

How to detect if an app is running in Kid’s Corner

Asynchronous Programming For Windows Phone 8

Enabling quick resume for Windows Phone apps

BugSense for WP8 - Error tracking/ Quality metrics

Isolated Storage / Local Data

Introduction and best practices for IsolatedStorageSettings

Encrypting and Decrypting data using RSA in Windows Phone



Create a multi-player game using NFC, bluetooth, Text to Speech and Speech recognition,_bluetooth,_Text_to_Speech_and_Speech_recognition

Speech Enabled Calculator For Windows Phone 8

Using SSML for advanced text-to-speech on Windows Phone 8

Multiple Resolutions

Introduction to multiple-resolution support on Windows Phone 8 apps

multple resolutions:


Tips for Localizing Windows Phone 8 XAML Apps - Part1

Tips for localizing Windows Phone apps – Part 2

How to solve problems localizing the app name

WP7 Localize


Using the SQLite database engine with Windows Phone 8 apps

Adding support to Sqlite for Windows Phone 8 applications



Live Tile Templates in Windows Phone 8

Maps / GPS

Get Phone Location with Windows Phone 8

Geoposition advanced tracking scenarios for Windows Phone 8

Acquiring a single Geoposition in Windows Phone 8

The Windows Phone Map Control

Maps Examples for Windows phone

Real-time rotation of the Windows Phone 8 Map Control

A Windows Phone 8 Run Tracking App in 100 Lines of Code!!

XNA - MonoGame

Fullscreen XNA games on Windows Phone 8 devices

XNA Games On Windows Phone 8 with Monogame


Bluetooth sample :

Introduction to Bluetooth support on Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 communicating with Arduino using Bluetooth


nfc tutorial:

Use NFC tags with Windows Phone 8

Nfc Interactor + NDEF Library for Windows Phone 8

Portal:Windows Phone Near Field Communication (NFC)

Windows Phone 8: Treasure Hunt Application Example using NFC and Nokia Maps API

NFC NDEF Tag Reader

How to launch apps available in the store using NFC LaunchApp tag

NFC on the Windows 8 Platform

How to Store Application Data on NFC Tags

How to Store Geo Coordinates on an NFC Tag

Develop NFC projects using the emulator:

Store / marketing

Great deck on WP apps promotion

App submission tips for Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8

Marketing your Windows Phone app 101 – Q&A with resident Windows Phone developer Bernardo Zamora

Make your app more attractive to customers in the Windows Phone Store

in app purchases:

Increase your revenue with In-App Purchase on Windows Phone 8