2006 is the year Windows Mobile - don't believe me?

This is probably the most important week for the mobile industry because of the 3GSM World Congress event in Barcelona. I had the opportunity to attend 3GSM two years ago in Cannes, France when I asworking for Freescale. What a difference two years make!

Back in 2004 no one was taking Windows Mobile Seriously. There is an industry saying that Microsoft gets it right the thirds time, but if I remembe correctly, "Stinger" was the third release (later to become Windows Mobile)but people mocked it as "Stinker". Few carriers (Orange was the first) and few major device manufacturers supported Microsoft's mobile platform

Welcome to 3GSM 2006. The stars have aligned:
There are a number of very cool Windows Mobile Devices including the MotoQ
the new HP iPAQ hw6900 with WIFi, And the Cingular 8125

WindowsForDevices has a great table detailing specs for all Windows Mobile phones built by HTC, which are sold under various operator names.

You have probably heard about RIM's patent woes with February 24th approaching as a key date in their legal situation. Perfect timing as Microsoft has released push email technology that provides basically the same service as a BlackBerry does, except with an open platform that can run many other applications.

This technology is called MSFP, check out the review at Msmobiles.com . MSFP is being launched by all major operators worldwide today including T-Mobile, Cingular, Vodafone and Orange. To make it more attractive for existing CrackBerry addicts, Microsoft is offering IP protection . How are customer reacting? I just read about the largest deployment of WiFi frontline applications in Europe where 10,000 Windows Mobile devices will help Dutch trains run smoothly.

Analysts are also convinved apparently, one of them just made a bold predicition: By 2010 Windows Mobile will lead the market ahead of Symbian

Interested? Check Microsoft's 3GSM Press Pass page Go Mobile!