eWeek on WIndoiws Mobile, Stuff Bak, PS3 Song

eWeek on Vista and Windows Mobile 

I was suprised by Eric Lundquist's editorial on the last issue (April 2/9) of eWeek: the editorial is Mobility as the next killer app, he writes “I think Windows Mobile 6 will be more important to Microsoft in 2007 than Vista” - Wow, that seems like a bold prediction. Of coulrse I think Windows Mobile is super important, but more important than For the full article click here.

StuffBak - for your Digital Cameras, MP3 players and Smart Phones

The other day I thought I had lost my wife's digital camera, a Nikon coolpix L6, with 1Gb of photos we had not yet downloaded to our PC. I have faith in people so I trust if anyone had found it they will return it to their owners, in this case my wife, but there is nothing on the camera to help identify the owner. Then I thought about my Nikon D50 with the super-cool Nikkor 18-200 VR (for which I paid about $800 - just the lens), and my handy-dandy Windows Mobile phone.

As an entrepreneur at heart, I saw a business opportunity and asked my  brother if he would be interested in starting a business around this. I talked to a few label manufacturers and some people who create labels for business equipment - both for identificatioon and for asset tracking. I found a company who does this for bycicles but they not thought about digital cameras, MP3 players and phones.

Then I came across this company, Stuff Bak, who does exactly this - small labels with an 800 number to help prevent theft and increase the likelyhood of getting your stuff Back. I will check them out, maybe order 5 labels, and will let you know how this goes. I am surprised they have not been more successful yet. What do you think, is this useful stuff, would yo pay for it?

PS3 Song

A few weeks ago, Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba, authoers of Creating Customer Evangelists, gave a presentation at the Microsoft campus abut customer evangelists and showed this video made by someone who was really disappointed at Sony for the PS3 and how theyh ave marketed it. The whole poing is how customers are becoming more powerful every day. Still, I think the video is hilarious!