Great case study about a large company standardizing on Windows Mobile

Cyrtec is a chemical and materials company with 6,600 employees. A few months ago the IT department evaluated different mobile solutions. They decided to standardize on Windows Mobile. It is a very interesting case study you can read on this link. Two interesting quotes:

Another positive factor was that the solution didn’t require Cytec to use another company’s proprietary infrastructure. “As long as the cellular phone carrier’s plan provides Internet access to the Windows Mobile device, we can push mail to it without having to go through anyone else’s technology. With this solution, we aren’t dependent on a server that is outside of our infrastructure, and owned by a third party, being available,” says Guzowski.

   “We were able to pilot this without buying anything extra, except for Windows Mobile phones and smartphones,” says Guzowski. “We piloted it with business people and a bunch of IT people. We tested it in every region—Europe, Latin America, North America, and Asia Pacific. There were no hitches—it went very well. The pilot really proved the reliability of the solution.”