Is Opera Mobile 9.5 the Best Mobile Broser?

I use the browser on my WM6.1 phone quite often, and while the experience its not optimal, it works. There are a few sites that do not render properly and a few that use desktop-browser features that make the site not usable from a mobile phone. IE Mobile is an order of magnitude better than the Blackberry browser, but it still falls short of Safari on and iPhone.

I have been waiting to get on the SkyFire beta, and hoping Microsoft releases a IE6 for WM6 Beta I can use soon. Last week I met with HTC at theior Americas headquarters in Bellevue, where I had a chance to play with the Diamond, which is an amazing phone. As a sidenote, the Diamond ships with a very very cool game that demonstrates some of the unique features of the device - it gives you a experience unlike anything you have done in a mobile device, that's all I can say. The Diamond ships with both Pocket IE and a "custom" version of Opera. It is pretty darn good. Zooming and panning with your fingers is fun, but the pages render just like with a desktop browser.

Matthew Miller has a good review of Opera Brower 9.5 in his blog here he tests it with an HTC Advantage X7510. The screenshots tell the whole story. No more browser envy. Soon I will have to decide between SkyFire, IE6 and Opera. Choices, choices....