MEDC Microsoft Mobile DevCon - Vegas baby!

This year, MEDC takes place at a very fun place - Vegas! and it is packed with content: 150 technical sessions, 100 hands-on-labs and 4 pre-conference tutorials.

Obviously, if you are developing mobile apps, this is the event to go. But even if you are not MEDC is a great opportunty to get your feet wet in mobile technology, leverage your .NET skills and add "mobility: to your resume. Plus you get to look at all kinds fo cool gadgets and devices. SO mark your calendar: May 8th through the 11th.

Two years ago I attended MEDC in San Diego to give a presentation on optimizing applications for mobile devices. At the time I was working for Freescale semicnductor (formerly Motorola) who makes the application processors and radio chips that go into Motorola and other cel phones and PDAs.

How stongly I believe in Mobility? strong enough to join the mobile team. Yes, as of last month I left my job in developer marketing to work in the US mobility team. My job is to work with carriers (or mobile operators as they are called in Europe) and device manufacturers to promote Windows Mobile in the US. Cool, no?