Mexican Restaurants in the Seattle area

Chris has a good list of recommended restaurants on his blog. I would like to add Daniel’s Broiler to the list – it is expensive but excellent. The bar is nice and the food at the bar is fantastic (and affordable). The steak is some of the best I have tried.


Chris is lacking a good Mexican restaurant. He writes "I haven't heard of many great Mexican restaurants up here in Seattle. Everybody seems to be disappointed. Then again, many of us have never had authentic Mexican - so we're happy with whatever we find. "


I have been living in the Seattle area for little over a year and a half. For those who like Authentic Mexican food, here is my list of recommended places (from a true Mexicano):

  • El Fogon is probably the best all-around Mexican place. Not a fancy restaurant but with very good food. Located about 5 minutes west of the SeaTac airport. Worth the drive
  • La Carta de Oaxaca is a nice place, located in Ballard, with Mexican cuisine from the state of Oaxaca. HIghly recommended. Make sure to go early or make a reservation, especially on weekends
  • Taqueria El Gallo is what we call an Antojeria: a fast-food place where you can get sopes, tostadas, enchiladas, pozole and more. Good for lunch, and it is located in downtown Redmond. (across from Jerzy's Coffee which is highly recommended)
  • Oobas is also located in downtown Redmond, and while less authentic it has good food too.
  • La Barriga Llena is a Torteria in federal Way which I haven't been to but heard is also worth the drive
  • Guerrero's is not a restaurant but a Mexican store where you can buy sweet bread (I am additec to Conchas), all kinds of grocieries such as good refried beans, tortillas, and Carnitas on weekends.

If you know of any other good places - please let me know!