Sprint Special offer for Developers and IT pros - Treo 700wx $99

Someone recently left a comment on my earlier post about the special promotion Sprint is making available to Developers and IT Pros about a requirement to get a 2 year contract. Sprint confirmed that only a one year commitment is required, although the form might promote the 2 year contract as an option at the same cost. Note that this promotion is only available for new Sprint customers and only trhough this secret link: https://www.callsprint.com/microsoftdevelopers/ . Stores and Sprint.com won't be able to honor this price.

For those who haven't heard about it, it is a pretty good deal

  • Palm Treo 700wx with Windows Mobile 5.0 and MSFP for $99
  • A $99 per month plan that includes 1000 minutes and unlimited data, including the use of phone as a modem for your laptop. the voice plan includes unlimited nights and weekends too.
  • Super fast EVDO 3G network including free data roaming in Mexico and Canada
  • Free accesory kit (check the sitre for more detals)