5 Ways To Make Money with the Cloud!

Number 1 with a bullet!

Read Bruno Terkaly excellent article about how the Microsoft Azure Cloud works with mobile platforms and not just the Windows Phone 7.  Bruno is no Microsoft Fanboy and you should definitely read his blog, I do.  But it doesn’t help with my style, Bruno’s blog is excellent.

MSDN Article: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/hh781021.aspx (you should bookmark it, it IS that good!)

Number 2, virtualization:

If you are a developer you should take a look at Chris Avis blog, but you should especially consider getting a better idea of what virtualization is all about, and then prove it by taking an exam.  Understanding virtualization, as a developer, has made me a better person and a better developer, but not a better blogger.  For that I need more practice, thank you for reading.  Consider at least preparing for one of the exams.  (Chris send me some very well written material to include here, but it would raise the quality of my blog so I didn’t use it.)  Take a look at these blog posts, especially if you are a student or adjunct professor:

Number 3, Business Intelligence:

If you are any kind of smart, this is the one for you, and if you got this far in the blog then you are likely either smart or bored, good either way, and thank you for sticking with my blog, I do appreciate it, here is business intelligence.  One of my neighbors is making over $200,000 a year consulting on Quickbooks, just think what you could make consulting and selling access to your cloud solution for BI?!!


Number 4, Jerry Nixon tells you how to build a cloud based phone app in 5 minutes

That Jerry Nixon, he writes so well.  This one is worth the read:


Number 5: Set up graphical rendering and sell the service

Pixar does it, so why can’t you?  Pixar uses Azure Cloud to drive their Rendering services, which might have been used for the Oscar nominated animation Rango.

Not saying it will be easy, but it could be profitable, another one is http://www.xtranormal.com/, they don’t use Azure