Azure and Windows 10

Wow, getting started with Azure, not an easy task.  Now there is Windows 10.  And Windows 10 on Windows Phone.  And Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi 2+ or Raspberry Tau as I like to think of it.  Switching from Windows 8 Store Apps to Windows 10 Store Apps. 

Do I need some lengthy learning plan, or trim, fast and gets the job done?  Well, with Azure there are a lot of MVAs that can help you out.  With Windows 10, you are generally stuck with Jerry Nixon and whoever he pairs with, not that is a bad thing.

So here is what I would do to get ready for a job interview with a company XYZ that is thinking maybe Windows 10 won’t suck as bad as Windows 8 (that is the Company XYZ thinking, not me, I like Windows 8.1).  So what should you do to get up to speed, the interview is in 48 hours, you have to work at your current low paying job, your paramour is demanding attention, and your favorite pet needs to go to the animal doctor.  What can you do quickly to get up to speed for the interview because the company is seriously interested in you, your work in college with the Windows 8.1 Apps that use AWS is impressive, and they want you to do the same with Windows 10 and Azure.

Time is short, you need to get up to speed quickly:

Get the free 30 day Azure Pass signed up for at  If you have burned through that, you can download the hybrid Azure onto your system and use that.

Study (you can watch these at the Vet’s office when you are waiting with your pet):

  • Use these modules from MVA (this will take about 3 hours, use the fast mode for the video, that will save time, about 40 percent):
    • Azure

      • Developing Azure Solutions
          • Module 1: Azure Websites, make sure to take the assessment and copy the questions, definitely interview questions
          • Module 3: Create and Manage Virtual Machines (since most people think that is all cloud services do)
    • Windows 10

        • Module 1: Getting Started (make sure to go to “fast” mode for the presentation)
        • Module 10: App-to-App Communications (this should be your go to discussion around Windows 10)
        • Module 7: Pen & Ink, this is an important part of Windows 10 for me, so you should read it because I think it is important.

If you do that, you should be have a coherent conversation about Azure and Windows 10, do more and you might swamp the interviewer.  But do more if you are excited about technology.