Brain Freeze: Thinking about beginning programming classes

So far in my previous blog posts, I talked about the following items:

  • Use of C, which is a requirement for the class
  1. Write and test your first program for security issues (Intro to C#)
  2. Use media in your programs (Designing Applications)   

3. Variables and types

  • Goal: Learn about variables and types
  • Outcome:
    • Student will be able to demonstrate:
      • How to create and use a variable in a program
      • How to what is the difference between value, nullable, reference types and generic types
      • A buffer and heap overrun condition caused by unchecked variables
  • Security: Students will create Buffer and Heap Overruns conditions, using checked and unchecked variables
  • Test: Write a test plan that will force the buffer and heap overrun to occur

4. Control structures

  • Goal: Students will design and create control structures
  • Outcome:
    • Student will be able to demonstrate:
      • How to design a loop that ends at a number entered by the end user, if/else statements, switch/case, and for, while, and do loopsimage
      • How to utilize user input
  • Security: Confirm that the input from the user is within the expected range
  • Test: Create and implement a test plan that checks the user input is within the expected range


Which leaves me with 10 modules to think about.  Umm, need to do the same for F# and VS 2010.

In the case of the use of VS 2010, I will need to demonstrate how to use VS 2010 with this beginning class.  Need something on Expression 3 as well.

Let me know what you think.  I do check the emails before exposing them, so it doesn’t do any good to spam me, I just delete them.

More coming up!