“Get the machine that goes ping” or how to fix the “Please enableGPUAcceleration = true on your Silverlight plugin page.”

What in the heck do you do to fix the “enableGPUAcceleration=true on your Silverlight plugin page.”  Then you go to the ASPX or the HTML page and you see that both have the line:

 <param name="enableGPUAcceleration" value="true" />
 So WTF.


Now you might be frustrated, you search the web, and unless you get the video by Pete Brown, you will not get the solution:


If you have been working with Silverlight you would think that you wouldn’t need to view an Introduction to Silverlight, especially a video that shows you how to use the basic template for Silverlight 5 3D.  Geez.  Really. 

Well you should view it immediately.  It shows you the following tip:

Right click on the code project (for the template the one at the top) then select properties (at the bottom of the fly out menu) image
Now check “Enable running application out of browser” Then click the “Out-of-Browser Settings…” image
Check: ”Use GPU Acceleration” Check ”Require elevated trust when running outside the browser” image


Now the simple template should run.


Or you could get the machine that goes ping.



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