IOT: Connect the dots by MS Open Tech, gets your UNO connected to the cloud!

Hot off the presses, email actually, somewhat warm actually… The Windows group has put together a complete absolute beginning to absolute end project to get your Arduino UNO based sensor into the cloud.  This will save me a bunch of time with my Littoral Space Exploration dev radio, and someone else can maintain the code, someone like the community. 

This is part of the MS Open Tech, which is the spearhead for the Open Source drive inside of Microsoft.  Seems to me that this will help fix the problems with the dismal sample code that shows you how to do samples.  Although I just found out about this sample code, I will definitely be forcing myself to use this link: , the advantage will that this is a standard I can work from.  The code gallery at MSDN, which could have hosted sample code that was a “standard”, just seemed to host mostly stuff that was difficult to change easily into something useful.

Of course for a standard to work, you will need to perform the initial Step-by-step, making sure you have perquisites installed, own or have access to an Arduino UNO and a Raspberry Pi.  The reason?  Once you get the standard to work, you will likely need to just keep the parts together and working.  That way, when you are innovating, you have a starting point to return to.  That is important for many people, but not all.  If you like to have a “touchstone” then you will likely want to put everything together, get it working and then “box” the system so that you can use it again as a starting point.


Get your Arduino UNO and Raspberry Pi connected to the cloud by using the step-by-step process at

Check out the story on MS Open Technologies at: , but keep an eye on the site, the blog site seems to be pretty lively with current information.  Let me know in comments if you think the site is dying like so many other sites both Microsoft and Open Source.