IOT: Misread of the Visual Micro on how to set library folder location

Well, Visual Micro does indeed give solid instructions on how to set-up their excellent product, but it is possible to misread the instructions.  For instance I am working on a library or header file to ease the effort of hooking your data to Azure or Office 365 (because if it really more likely an Arduino user may have Office 365, than they do Azure).

Arduino uses a framework called Wiring, which is based on the  Processing Programming Language, which uses the C/C++ language as a basis.  This means that I can prototype what I need to do using a header file.  Then if I want to set it up so that I can easily use in all of my programming, I need to put it in a known location.  In this case the Arduino Folder which has a subfolder named Libraries.

So if you want your IDE to look like this:


You need to make sure the Configuration Manager looks like this:


I misread the image below where the bubble “(Optional) Specify where user libraries are stored”, as the Folder: Arduino with the subfolder Libraries.

Instead it should be entered as the Folder where the Subfolder is not specified.  DUH!

Configuration Manager