Links to Windows 8.1 DirectX 11.2 samples

MSDN and Bing or Google give it a good shot, but the many links that show up for a search for Windows 8.1 and DirectX 11.2 are at best confusing.  So here are some links that I found useful with my comments included.  These were tested on 8/15/2013 if they no longer exist or out of date or even just stink, it due to the march of time, or my bad selection. 

Why this blog is important: Well I have my  reasons like this is where I store the links I consider important, plus my boss likes it when I write blogs.  But what about you?  Check out this link: DirectX 11.2 will be a Windows 8.1 and Xbox One exclusive: Microsoft dangles the upgrade carrot, on Extreme Tech and I am making no comment about the article.  Why? Because I got nothing, really, but it is an interesting article and it is over a month old.

What's New in Direct3D 11.2 

This link is from Build, and here is a search string you can use to see the rest (although you can skip the dynamics Video at the top of the search return).  You can right click on the play button and speed up the video to save time, it’s what I do, then when I need to review something I back up and listen at normal speed. Search Link I used:

DirectX 3D shooting game sample (Windows 8.1) 

This link is good, has a large number of other links that I will assume that you will use without me cluttering up the internet and you screen with them.  Also the game is fun.  Code is rather complex, but you wouldn’t be doing C++ and DirectX if you didn’t like complexity.  Includes functional Stereoscopic 3-D display in case you kept those 3D glasses from one of the recent 3D movies.

Direct3D tutorial sample (Windows 8.1) 

This link is ok, the tutorials aren’t really tutorials but rather just articles.  Sort of like conference calls, which are more like radio stations on the phone.

Walkthrough: create a simple Windows Store game with DirectX 

This link title is not mine.  The “simple” Windows Store game is not simple, but a good start.  Sadly the links on this page, which started from a Windows 8.1 “app”, moves to using VS 2012 which is confusing.  This might be fixed when you read this sometime after 8/15/2013.  For example, here you are thinking that the “Set up the game project” link would be to how to set up the game using VS 2013, you would be wrong on 8/15/2013, but give it a try.  There are decrepitated Windows 8 components, however, it can get you started.

Port from DirectX 9 to Windows Store 

This link is critical since there has been very little written on DirectX 10 or DirectX 11, so a lot of apps still use DirectX 9.  This helps you understand better how to get your app from DirectX 9 to the Windows Store. Bunch of links from this page, so it is useful.  As far as I can tell you will be able to use the instructions with VS 2013

Add Windows Store features for DirectX 11 games 

This link has a few extremely useful links to how to add an appbar, privacy policy and how to add in-app purchases to a DirectX game, definitely an important link for you.  I haven’t checked the links for functionality in 8.1 and 11.2.

Not DirectX based, but important:

Reversi, a Windows Store game in XAML, C#, and C++ This link doesn’t demonstrate the use of DirectX or really fit well into this blog entry, but it does show you how to do a bunch of things using XAML, C# WITH customized C++, and in my opinion is pretty cool.

Developing an end-to-end Windows Store app using C++ and XAML: Hilo To be honest on 8/15/2013, this link is relatively useless since the Download HiLo Sample link on the page is shutdown.  Why?  Because Windows 8 apps written with C++ and XAML had problems, but when they get this fixed, it will be a super-duper link.  Check it every once in awhile.