Note from a reader about DirectX 12 on XBox

To find out about the mysteries of DX12, scan the following:

First check out the MVA about Build:

So here what the reader wrote in an email to me:


I know you are an incredibly busy person so I will get straight to the point.  I'm E-mailing you hoping to get any sort of insite on some theories that are floating around regarding DX12 & the Xbox One.  There is a guy by the name of MisterXmedia in the online Xbox community allegedly getting inside information from someone at Microsoft.  He has a lot of theories about a hidden discrete/stacked GPU in the Xbox One that only needs DX12 to be released before it can be used.  

At the moment I am trying to make heads and tails of what he is saying, but admittedly a lot of what he says seems far-fetched.  I guess my question is; before I spend any time trying to even understand what he is saying could you tell me if I would be completely wasting my time doing so?  Is such a thing as he suggests even plausible?

What is this about?

Ok, I got this note via a backchannel.  Couple of things, inside of Microsoft only the seriously deranged would share any real secrets with me.  You might think the tagline of this blog is that it is inside secrets of Microsoft, but I need this job really.  Also, the writer, who I appreciate his note, seems to think I am an incredibly busy person, which I appreciate, and hope my boss agrees (my boss is a very patience person by the way).

I am thinking that the “MisterXmedia” guy is speculating about design changes, but design changes that are in Windows 10, not Xbox.  Here is a quote from

“Windows 10 introduces Direct3D 12, the next version of the Direct3D graphics pipeline. Direct3D 12 enables the performance of a console-like API and is faster and more efficient than ever before. “

And for everyone reading this who isn’t Arthur (or Arthur for that matter) here is how you get started with DX 12, which is a better read than the similar documents for DX 11,

My answer:

I got nothing.  If I did I might write about it, or see if I could get a book deal since the story around DirectX 11 books is pretty poor.  But I have no insight to this question.  However, if anyone inside of Microsoft is reading this blog, please feel free to comment.  I will dig around inside of the Xbox team, but since I don’t really know anyone, I can’t guarantee that I will find out anything.

However, doing an MVA on DirectX 12 is a good idea, so Arthur, I will do some research into your email, and then use your idea to further my career.  So I will owe you a drink of your choice if we ever meet, my drink of choice by the way is a 4 shot espresso.

Bottom line:

I can’t advise you on whether or not you are wasting your time.  My thought is that, unless you are working professionally for a game design company, to focus on the Windows 10/Azure opportunities.  However, I do plan on checking out DX12 and thanks for the heads up.  Arthur you are the best reader ever!