Salesforce and Microsoft! What the HECK is going on

What’s next, lions and lambs laying together?  Is this the end of the world?  Nope, seriously it’s time to check out and sign up for a developer account.  Now this isn’t to say that the two clouds are not in completion, Azure versus Heroku, but ignoring that, my attitude is that apps is what counts and it always nice to deal with a group of people who see it my way.  Salesforce is certainly one of the teams that goes into my good bucket along with TouchDevelop and App Studio.

You might well ask: “What does that mean Sam?”  Well Jason Short at Microsoft is leading this whole scenario and doing a fine job of it, and by it I mean building Windows 10 apps quick, fast and well.  Salesforce has done a great job of getting a fast development tool baked into Visual Studio 2015, and they are offering to you, loyal Windows developers the ability to build apps that not only look good, but you can build rapidly.  See: Microsoft and Salesforce Unveil New Joint Solutions at Dreamforce 2014.

How do you get to building these Windows 10 apps?  How do you avoid all of those Universal App changes which you might just see as annoying, get over to the site:  Now, of course much of the rapid app from Salesforce builds will use the Heroku cloud for the backend, but there are some surprises coming around Azure and Salesforce.  Good surprises, not as good as a birthday surprise but close!

But for now, I can understand that if you deal with a real sales force, sales managers view software as a load on the bottom line.  Lt’s not kid ourselves that your customers care one little bit about the cloud you are using.  But your customers care about the interface and device cost.  With Windows 10, there are going to be some dynamite devices coming out that will make that your bottom line look even better.  Along with your Apps, because bottom line, Windows 10 is a beautiful way to build apps. 

Using Salesforce tools to build the Windows 10 apps and not really changing your tool chain will impact your bottom line.  In a good way.

And isn’t those kinds of secrets why you continue to read this blog?