Social Games Part Bazillion of Katrillion: Make Phone App Social

I have been watching MacBeth with Patrick Stewart as MacBeth, and I kind of get it, but it is one of the most intense Shakespeare Plays I have ever seen, sort of like Gears of War, except more confusing and no weird weapons.  And I have been following the use of Trillion for the US Government and other countries, and the whole thing isn’t just about economics, it really cheapens the use of the number trillion.  This has nothing to do with making social phone apps, except maybe MacBeth could be a good game, at least the game story would royalty free.

So how to you start to make your phone app social?  Some people would say get your phone drunk, but that isn’t a good idea for a phone, teenager or really anyone.  Bear in mind that you may feel more social when you drink, but the reality no one else does, and if they don’t notice that you are drinking, then why are you drinking?  Ok, what about getting your phone drunk, same thing, expect phones can’t get drunk, they just get icky and no longer work, which is sort of like drunks.  So how do you make your phone more social with destroying it and making it smell bad? 

Start by watching this fun video, really, no words, just techno music and not the awful techno music, it’s fast you might want to watch it a few times, especially if you are dancing with it.

So this is how you do notifications from Azure, using NuGet and Azure simulator that is a free download. 

Now the question is: Why bother with Azure?

You might think: “I can get a free site from and use that.  Pretty simple. Cheap.  No sudden CPU utilization fees, etc.” or you might think about bacon covered almonds and ignore all of this stuff.

But let’s consider the following premise:

Blizzard makes about 10,000,000 a MONTH off of subscriptions and they use cloud like technology, plus art work and other stuff you have no chance of implementing, but don’t lose the dream!  Just think if you could provide a leaderboard service with notification and point systems for developers and their phone apps that they could easily use, then you charge a fee, make some MONEY!

Or to quote a line from MacBeth:

If you can look into the seeds of time, and say which grain will grow, and which will not, Speak.

Same thing for technology, this little idea could be one them there seeds.  Or not.  At least, unlike MacBeth, you don’t have those weird witches showing up everywhere.

More to come, unless I get distracted, which is likely.