Top 10 Best Practice Links for using C# with Windows 8

Check out the article at:, which is the roadmap for C# and VB

  1. Guidelines for user interaction
    • Check this out, UI has changed radically, for the better, find out about the touch first experience
  2. Guidelines for cross-slide
    • How do you with the slice feature in a touch device, interesting and not that hard
  3. Guidelines for optical zoom and resizing
    • If you have been working with Windows Forms or Web Forms this is a new way to do things
  4. Guidelines for panning
    • Panning for gold?  Using the Panning feature in Windows 8 is a great way to show off your apps and optimize the end user experience
  5. Guidelines for rotation
    • If you ignored this feature on the phone, you REALLY need to use it on the Touch Screens on Windows 8
  6. Guidelines for semantic zoom
    • Think looking at your Aunts extraordinarily big photo album of people you don’t know all seen from a single screen.  This technology is what your aunt is looking for and she has money to spend. 
  7. Guidelines for selecting text and images
    • Seems easy right?  It is if you read this article, you need to do this for the Gripper, get it?  Do it for the Gripper!  (Like “Do this for the gipper!”  ok, old movie reference, also Ronald Regan reference).  This shows you had to use the gripper, that little thing with a circle at the bottom.
    • image<<Gripper thingie
  8. Guidelines for targeting
    • This has nothing to do with Star Wars or warfare, it has to do with the contact area of a finger on the touch digitizer.  Or your digit getting digitized.  (For translations that last sentence might make sense, if not leave a note in the comments in your native language to torture me).
  9. Guidelines for visual feedback
    • Feedback can be many things, in this case you need to review this guideline to see how your touch features are suppose to give feedback.  In phone design we (as in me) were sloppy about giving feedback, but on the Windows 8 you will be in a more competitive environment and the customers will have a higher expectation.
    • How Windows 8 Sees Feedback:
    • image
    • How I see Feedback: