Windows 10, Apple and Visual Studio Code, whaaattt? Works on everything, just like Touchdevelop

Well not exactly like TouchDevelop, but pretty similar.  This is big, really big!  Ok, for everyone except for C and C++ programmers.  But get this loaded on your system.  More to come later:

Good: Fast, clean, works on all major operating systems, free

Bad: Opens so fast you don’t realize that it’s open, why Code and not Atom?, Where is C and C++?


And Windows 10:


So what can you use Visual Studio Code for and how does it compare to Atom?  Not sure, need to investigate if you have any comments on this please put your comments down in the comments section because comments.  But seriously, all book authors will be using this in their development stories for  Maybe Greg at Manning Publishing might need to take a look at this.  Who knows?

Interface with Git is simple and baked in, unlike Visual Studio 2013 or 2015 where Git seems like it is bolted on. 

You might look at this and say, “Hey where is the C and C++ stuff?”  Good question, but it’s not there.  But seriously if you are a C or C++ person, like me, you are used to the glazed eyes and so forth.  Let’s face it there are a lot of C or C++ tools out there, for instance: Visual Studio, GNU++ and so forth.

Or if like me you looked at this editor and said: “Hey where is the Visual Studio Online thingie that Microsoft keeps pushing on me?”  Only GIT shows up in the default presentation of the Code environment.

How does this compare to Swift?  Well unlike Swift Code works with many languages, except for C and C++.

Now with respect to TouchDevelop, you can now edit the GitHub build using Code, because it can edit typescript directly.

So why use Windows 10?  Seems to be a question that I need to get better at answering.  But from what I am seeing in Build 10074 of Windows 10, it is looking pretty compelling.  Like Linux, it appears that you will need to have a good online presence to make sure everything works.

Make sure to view the video about Visual Studio Code, the presentation is on an Apple system.