Windows 10 for IOT is finally released!

This just in: Windows for IOT is now available,.

Oh boy a new sparkling object to distract me! Go immediately to the link below:

Once there you will need to click on the Microsoft Connect Link to review the EULA and yes one of the first lines is that you can only use one of these per premise.  Yep.  One per premise.  My theory is that if you have one IOT device you have at least two, but that is what the EULA says, and I know you always do what the EULAs say to do right?

You don’t have a device, which should you buy?

Raspberry Pi 2+ (Quad Core) without a doubt, it has more support and so forth, even a Grove system like the Arduino.  I didn’t like the Galileo, but I do like the Edison, so I wouldn’t purchase a Galileo, but if you can snake one out of Intel it is an excellent device to think about building other things using the architecture, but for a standalone, not what I was looking for.  But my comrades at Microsoft love it, so there is that.  Got nothing on the Minnow Board.

Sign up for Microsoft Connect to do the download

You must be a member of Microsoft Connect or sign up for the Connect Program.  IF you are not part of Microsoft Connect program you will need to sign up for this program.  Also, if your friends want to work with you then they have to do the whole work flow to get their one copy of the software. 

Why? Well, you get to participate in the WIndows 10 for IOT program, and this will help Microsoft Protect your identity.  We are pretty strict about privacy issues inside of Microsoft, and this is one of the things that is both annoying but necessary.

And yes, you may say screw it and just stick with Linux on the Raspberry Pi, but if you want to do Windows 10 on the Pi then you got to go through this work flow of signing up for Microsoft Connect and the Microsoft Insider Program to get the latest version of Windows 10.

Oh and one more thing, it only works if you have a Windows 10 machine with the most recent build, post 10069, which is why you need to be signed up with the Windows Insider program.