Windows 10: How to get started!

Windows 10 development, Microsoft says this is the last time you will need to modify your design methodology.  And you are definitely justified with saying: "Oh yeah!" or "Really" or some other sarcastic statement with eye-rolling.

And yes I am a Shill for Microsoft, but the MVA training is worth real money, seriously, and to get access to a trainer like Jerry Nixon is seriously rare in the history of the world.  Really. He is awesome.  And trustworthy.  As for me, you know the drill trust nothing and verify anything I say, so verification in this case would be to work through 2 modules of Jerry's training.  I think if you go through two modules you will really be motivated to finish up the training, it's that good.

So to verify what I am talking about with the training go to:

Jerry Nixon and Andy Wigley do a great job of getting you up to speed with Windows 10.  It's the best really, I am extremely impressed with that MVA!

I will using the information in the Windows 10 for my WDF series of blogs.  And if you want to know why I didn't do any of the MVAs?  Because I didn't want to.