Windows 10, TouchDevelop and App Studio

Ok, these are not Universal Apps if you feel a need to be one of the beautiful persons who use Universal Apps.  And you should learn how to use Universal Apps, see this MVA: .  Am I using the concept?  Not yet, not convinced that the Web App isn’t the best app.  SaleForce does not agree with that, SaleForce believes that Windows 10 goals are reachable as far as I can tell.  And Salesforce is the big deal in San Jose right now.  Word on the street, if you get my meaning is asking: Why are tools to work with Salesforce included in the Visual Studio 2015 RC?  Check out the word at: , the collaborative forces of Microsoft and Salesforce looks good and has nothing to do with TouchDevelop, App Studio and Windows 10 right?  Well, no, it does, but what?  Not sure, keep an eye out here.

Creating an app for the Windows 10 store?

But what if you just want to create apps for the Windows 10 Apps store?  Well you could just do what you normally do with the App Studio, TouchDevelop, but….  That’s it, just do the usual stuff you would do.

For instance download this app to see that Microsoft fully supports apps that were originally created for Windows 8, still runs in Windows 10: Pink Girl in Love Part 2 .  This app demonstrates the worse of app design, seriously, there is no way this app would be accepted today.  But it is still available.  Poor Pink Girl, she is pink.

What’s so nice about TouchDevelop and App Studio?

Now the nice thing about Windows 10, TouchDevelop and App Studio is that you don’t have to have Windows 10!  You can just use whatever system you have on your machine, Apple, ChromeBook, whatever and build apps that will go into the Windows Store.  You get apps into the Windows Store, and you are demonstrating a marketing thing, your teacher would go nuts!  If you had an advertisement on it, you could make money!  And App Studio makes your apps look nice and respectable, if not beautiful.  Take it from the person who created the WORSE app ever: Pink Girl in Love Part 2 , Pink Girl has three parts, none very good.  App Studio and TouchDevelop means you can build apps using any tool.  SWEET!

Then I could simply use your app for whatever reason you created it for.  Pretty nice right?

So to get started you will need a Developer License, and if you are a student in any discipline you can get the license through, you just need a valid email that ends with .edu.  That doesn’t help high school students, but there are other programs for them.  Using the Dreamspark code you get a free lifetime developer’s license.  Also, you can get free Azure Websites with File System support for super simple to use storage through Dreamspark. 

Using TouchDevelop you can also use this great tool to implement Azure systems like cloud services and so forth that will work Arduino Based IOT devices as well as the Raspberry Pi.

In addition to all of this if you act now, I will throw in the Pink Girl in Love Part 1 and Part 3, mildly better apps, but not by much.

Back in the Day

I did a lot of apps, now let’s do a few good apps, one way to get started is to use and App Studio.  Easy, fun, and a way to show why your parents should buy you a Windows Phone, iPhone is cool, Android lots of apps and devices, Windows 10 Phone can make you money.