CI-CD with VSTS for Node.js project


Continuous Integration(CI) allows Developers to integrate their code multiple times to the source code repository and automate their check-ins. It also enables Developers to detect bugs in an early stage of the Development life-cycle.

Continuous Deployment (CD) provides the capability to deploy our compiled code to environments without having to access the end systems manually and with the least/No downtime.

This session is on CI-CD build pipelines in VSTS and types of Pipelines. We will demonstrate deploying a web application in Azure, DevOps Project in Azure and WinRM extension to release web applications to on-premise environment.

Webinar Date & Time: March 15th 2018, 8 AM GMT

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Speaker Bio:     

(Akshay)                                     (Raju)

Akshay Ghosh & Raju Chakravaram currently work as Support Engineers at Developer Tools, India. Their day to day role is to enable Developers around the world to achieve more. Their role provides them a unique view of technology and customers. They partner with Field teams, Products groups to help our customers and developers. Both of them currently focus on TFS On Premise & VSTS Support. The components they work on include Setup for On Premise, Build and Release, Automated testing & Config.