TFS to VSTS migration using TFS Migrator-tool


VSTS is one of the most popular devops tool out there in the market today and there isn't a better time too migrate to to VSTS. Join this session to learn how you can move your on premise TFS instance to VSTS and get clarified on any related doubts that you might have.

Webinar Date & Time: March 6th 2018, 8 AM GMT

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Speaker Bio:

Sivarajaguru is a VSTS expert working in Microsoft VSTS CSS team. After graduating, he worked as a SCM engineer for four years before joining the Microsoft VSTS CSS team and its almost three years since he joined the team now. His interests involve helping customers better their software/application by helping them to setup their TFS and VSTS environments and help to fix any issue tat comes along their devops lifecycle. While he is not at VSTS, he loves reading books and travelling places.


Rathish Radhakrishnan currently works as a Support Engineer in Developer Tools, India/EMEA. The role enables him to have access to how the developers are consuming VSTS as a product. The day to day activity includes working with customers using VSTS and helping them with access and authentication related issue. Managing customers during service outages by partnering with Service Hosting teams, Products Groups to help our customers and developers.