Australian Windows Phone Developer Workshops – It’s a wrap

It’s been a massive weekend for Windows Phone Developers in Australia, over 130 developers attended a two day hands-on workshop across Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney at Cliftons training centres.  Everyone had an opportunity to learn first hand what it takes to build apps and from the feedback I got there’s a lot of love for Windows Phone 7.5.

So first up to those who attended, thanks for dedicating a weekend to the workshop, I know it’s a big commitment of time and much appreciated. 

I also want to make a special call out to thank the guys running and the supporting the workshops. 

Also special thanks to Nokia for sponsoring the event and feeding and watering everyone over the 2 days, and of course for offering up the highly anticipated Nokia Windows Phones as prizes to those who attended, sweetSmile

Thanks to Scott Sheedy for blogging Microsoft Australia’s East Coast WP7 Developer workshops underway this weekend and for WPCentral picking up the story, Microsoft workshops starting up on Australia's east coast [Developers], awesome.

Australian Windows Phone Community

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And It’s Photo Time

Windows Phone Developer Workshop Brisbane
Brisbane Windows Phone Developer Workshop – 8/9 Oct, 2011


Windows Phone Developer Workshop MelbourneMelbourneWPDevWshop_1lrg1-1024x599
Melbourne Windows Phone Developer Workshop – 8/9 Oct, 2011


Sydney Windows Phone Developer Workshop 8/9 Oct, 2011

Cheers Dave