BizSpark Windows Phone 7 Workshop Winner and Runner Up Applications

We run a Windows Phone 7 BizSpark Developer Workshop in Melbourne the weekend of June 26th and 27th and it was great to see so many taking some time out to get started building applications for Windows Phone 7, awesome!!

If you couldn't make the workshop and are keen to get started then you can download the free of charge developer tools from and the Windows Phone 7 Training Kit from here, remember if you are a Silverlight Developer, you have most of what you need to get started building for Windows Phone 7.

We’ll likely be running a number of workshops across Australia sometime soon so be sure to let me know if you are keen to get involved.

So the Winner and Runner Up apps were…

I’d like to congratulate the winning team, Dimaz Pramudya and Jonathan Hao for the “Fuel my Car” application!! Great user experience and a well developed concept!! station-detail
And the the runner up “Beachy” by David Burela, both great examples of what you can build on the new phone platform. Again a great user experience and leveraging govt data sources from Mapscreen


Fantastic guys, and thanks to all involved for your enthusiasm and energy in getting your concept apps up and running, well done!!

I’d also like to take the opportunity to thank Nick Randolph for his mentoring/judging support and our two judges David Bennett  and Roman Surkis (Mobilise IT)!!

Regards Dave