Round the World in 20 Days

Well I've not disappeared but am currently going around the world (the wrong way according to Dr Neil:-)) so my body clock really has no idea where it's at:-)

The PDC in LA was just awesome and I cant wait to get back to Oz to tell you all about it and I have a stack of blog topic ideas buzzing around in my head so don't unsubscribe, I'll be back!!

But for now I'm visiting friends and family in the UK and I've just travelled from Reading to Leamington Spa by rail and while working on my "Commitment Sheets" and looking out the window I was reminded that this is indeed a "Green and Pleasant" land. That said, looking forward to spring/summer, a decent Cappuccino back in Melbourne and trying out my new "Cordless Skype/DECT Dual Phone" (ironically bought off eBay), lol, how cool is that!! Yeah, I know, sad:-)

So in keeping with a travel theme, "I'm Hoff to see the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz" and see ya soon...

Cheers, Dave