Save time and checked out the "Windows Communication Foundation" site at

As always I'm probably the last to know but in case not the case then check out!!

You'll find

  1. Hands on lab documents for the Jan and Feb CTP builds off the "Try It!" tab (this will save you a lot of time as there are some schema changes that don't map to the WinFx Intellisense that ships with the Jan and Feb CTPs)
  2. Samples and code snippets
  3. PDC Videos and PPT
  4. and lots lots more!

Two things I stumbled across that may save you time

Firstly, the service binding and contract section of your config file prior to the Jan and Feb CTPs you'd define


<service type=

now you specify

<service name=

You'll get Intellisense errors but it works!!

Secondly, when referencing the name of the service you previously stated the full "namespace.class.method,assembly name" again from Jan/Feb onwards don't include the ",assembly name" as it's changed and you'll get an obscure error message!!

But use the updated Hands on Labs docs and you'll avoid these issues!!

More great resources at

and the Introduction to Building Windows Communication Foundation Services is a great primer!!