VDNUG (Victoria .NET User Group) Oct 2005 Hands on Labs Day a great day out and hope you picked up lots of new skills!!

Well here are a few photos from the day, courtesy of Chris Hewitt's mobile phone, awesome:-) There were just over 80 people for the day, everyone had their own PC with all the labs prefigured and raring to go!! Topics covered included SQL Server 2005, What's new in Visual Studio 2005, ASP.NET Version 2, Smartclient/Clickonce deployment, Licensing and last but not least VSTS. If you couldn't make it, especially as the event sold out in 6 hours then keep an eye on the VDNUG site as we'll try and repeat the day in the not too distant future!! 

Till then may be check out the Virtual Labs online at http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/tryit/hosted/, there are a great selection of labs available!!

Doh, and I scored a few questions that I will endeavour to answer this week. These were:-

  1. Q: How to optimise very large sites with dependent assemblies
    1. A: I'll do some digging around on this on...
  2. Q: Migrating from ASP to ASP.NET. 
    1. A:There are a stack of useful docs here, including migration from PHP:-)
    2. A:Click here for search links for sharing session state - there are at least two 3rd party server side controls that I've spotted on the Internet that also help seemlessly share session state. I'll have a dig around some more. If you know of solutions then please leave comments against this blog post.

There was a question in the Q&A section about building N-Tier apps with ASP.NET, for whatever reason we did not suggest the new ObjectDataSource Control - you can put anything behind this control, direct calls to a DB, Web Services request, Remoting calls etc... So check this out as it provides a great solution for building n-Tier apps and it also provides binding support!!

If you have any further questions from the day on ASP.NET (or the day in general) then feel free to post a comment here...

And finally I'd like to add my special thanks to you all for taking a day out of your weekend to make it along and thanks to all the guys at VDNUG for making the day a reality!!

So here are some piccies along with photos of the winners of the ASP.NET session prizes:-) The photos are clickable...

This was certainly a proud moment for Jarrad and he gave us his best cheesy smile!! Congratulations:-)

Chris certainly felt at home with his newly acquired facial hair kit - if you squinted is was difficult to tell it wasn't real!! Congratulations:-)

Like I said it was a big day for all and if you need proof that you were working hard then here it is!!

and again:-)

Lol, "Hey hey, we're the monkeys" - now that appealed to my sense of humour/irony:-)

Cheers, Dave